Monday, December 25, 2006

Gramps having fun with Felix's trucks

Thursday, December 14, 2006


That's what they call me on Felix's blog Great pictures! Felix is showing sure signs of hybrid vigor, don't you think?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Blogger Indonesia A. Fatih Syuhud Weblog: Denmark Cartoon Controversy

Blogger Indonesia A. Fatih Syuhud Weblog: Denmark Cartoon Controversy Ever since this uproar ocurred, I have wanted to talk with a Moslem about it, since I see a clear misunderstanding here about Western traditions regarding freedom of speech Most Americans learn the childhood reframe "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". Well parented children are also taught to be kind and polite.

I'm butting in on Steve's two cents here. I have a racist joke for you......what is red, white, blue, and black and floats down a river going backwards? A dumb white person telling nigger jokes in a black neighborhood. Well thank you Venis, that's right pretty much around the world. In the west it is legal to be stupid and rude, but not al
ways safe, and it does not win you friends, and God is not impressed either, I am sure. I work on being a peaceful person, and I do not wish such stupid people any more harm than they are already suffering, but I would like to encourage them to be a bit more thoughtful for their own well being. Our legal limits on freedom of speach are that one cannot yell "fire" in a crowded theatre when there is no fire. Choclosteve

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Starting out interesting. Daniel Ortega. Are we going to have some positive changes here?VERY wet here- been some slides and flooding along the coast- mostly north of here. For sure, the chantrelles are on their way now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


chocloAnother morning done and the sun is out again. Caught and ate a 15" er and a 16" er last night and shared them with Venis, Christian and Kelsa. Zapped them for 7 munites covered with chard leaves and with some basil and garlic in their bellies. Skinned and deboned them and squeezed a lime on them. Yummy in the tummy. Made some pesto this morning. Splurged on some pine nuts at $15.00 / lb. More yummy in the tummy. You could say that again- I just did. Started drying some bright red skinny cayane peppers for the winter- I simply leave them on the window sill. Later I will have things drying over the wood stove. Going to be a lot of apples to process- I think to dry. I love to operate that green machine that you clamp onto a table and when you turn the crank it cores, peels and cuts into one long thin spiral, the apple that has been speared onto the prongs that both hold and spin the apple as it is preeped for drying or made into luscious apple pies that are in the same league as blackberry pies. Yummy in the tummy. I'm going to go do something with my pesto and my stomach. This morning I drove the 7 miles into town to get some parmesan cheese for my pesto. Also got another sack of trout feed with larger pellets (1/4"). I expect the fish to like these larger pellets. Yep, they do. Groing things has gotten me thinking about chicken shit and chicken hauks in the white house- incompetents. Fundamentalists. Hamadayad of Iran wants to debate the Shrub- the guy who doesnot think the Holocaust happened- two (2) FUNDAMENTALIST idiots competing for top idiotude. But they do not have to do a debate- we all ready know that they are competing for the bottom possition of fundamentally most dangerous to world peace

Monday, August 28, 2006


choclo Yup, choclo is doing well, most of it is getting it on- some very intence purple , and then there are some blondes, mostly peruvian desert- big kernals, I expect, want some Arica indigiounes seeds- big early ones. Mine sure has liked its chicken shit. Good shit and bad shit. Shit happens. Smith River. There are two Smith Rivers in the NW- one in California has an old growth grove that one can drive through when going between 101 and i-5 and Grant's Pass and Cresent city. The other one in Oregon is very remote and also very beautiful, with a great steelhead stream. Welll.... I had started my Hoedad tree planting year out on the Smith during the steelhead run in January and February, and the best place was the pool at the base of the falls at Smith River Falls. Well, some years after we had planted out there, but still back when it was not catch and release, as it is now, I headed out there to mellow out and after a long drive into the woods I tried some places that I had had some luck in the past, and had not produced, and afterthe long drive that it is , I got to the pull out above the Smith River Falls pool. Well, back then I was driving a sporty Datsun 710 hatchback, that had some electrical problems for which the funbky fix consisted of a toggle switch under the dash on the passenger side and no hand brake, for which I religiously replaced with always putting it in first gear. Well this pullout was on the right hand side of the rode, and about 50 ' above the pool. Well, I pulled up to the edge of the pullout above the pool and turned off the motor and put it in gear at the same time as I excitably stepped out of the car and started to pull my assembled rod from out of its spot on the pasenger's side. Well, the handdle of the rod hit the toggle switch about the time that my first foot hit the ground and the car started r..rr..r..r away from my landed foot towards the cliff and the pool 50 feet below and about the time that I figured out that I was not going to get out of the car before we went over the edge, I got my foot back in and the door closed before we hit the water. Well, I got what I thought was important, including my rod, and found the cold water about to my belly button as I waded towards shore and the young man I had flown over, and a hat that said "shit happens". I guess so, but no fish that day. I got a ride home with the only other folks there. Turns out they were Evangelicals and they suggested we stop and kneel and pray. I suggested we pass. I have my own way that I like. After that, they made it a catch and release, all native stream, and I like to eat my fish. Have some nice trout in my pond- last one was 15" Good eating. Bought 100 9"-10" in April

Saturday, July 15, 2006



Goa chai party at Gypsie's

good music- Neptune is talented. Got to see him try out his new high speed unicycle at Bob's the other day, as well as listening to him jam on his Indian jews harp with Fast Eddy on his harmonica. A nice summer happening.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

chicken shit

I finally got my load of chicken shit- a bit late; but what the shit, I'm glad it's finally here and I can plant my choclo- the more shit you have, the more work you have, so it's off to work on a nice day, moving shit atound. If it's not chicken shit, it's some other kind of shit. Seems life consists mostly of moving shit around. As a carpenter, I have been happy to nail things down or up- whoopee, won't have to move that again! Still, even as a carpenter, most of my time is spent moving shit around. Some shit never gets nailed down, such as my chicken shit, but it helps the corn and other things grow.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Do you like corn in your humor?

I do, but some would say that I have a corn fetish. Not much difference between corn and porn and corn does have a thing with sex, but I'm thinking of travelling and nice kind Scandinavians with a nice easy going sence of humor. That sure was a nice appology that that Danish newspaper made for those cartoons that offended some Moslems. I want to see that movie about Moslem humor. Sure got to watch what you say in parts of the Moslem world. Very dangerous place for women travellers. Texas too- we have a crazy Texan in the White House- another religious fanatic-causing all sorts of problems. Hey you religious fanatics- stop with the bombs and guns and work for peace and laughter

choclo and nice Danish ladies

The first Danish woman I travelled with was Lena, way back in 1964. We first met in Istanbul and we Xed paths a few times until we started travelling together in Damascus Syria and onward to Jordan and the Jordanian part of Jerusalem. We were both hitch-hiking and on the cheap, and the cheap part was easy because of the incredible hospitality of Palistinians. Sure is a different sence of humor there. Women in particular have to be very careful, and it is best that they travel with a male protecter, as I was for Lena (we had some tense moments). Looked at some Danish cartoons. Thought that one of the turbinned Moslem with a lit fuse pretty much the way our press treats our presidents and religious figures, including Jesus. Different sence of humor. Sure into blowing themselves and others up. I like the Danes I have met. Like their sence of humor. I also like other Scandinavians. Open, honest sences of humor. Know how to take a joke and critisism, justified or not. Don't have a chip on their shoulders and wish others well. That was a nice appology by the Danish newspaper. Going to see that movie about Moslem humor. choclo