Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here it is the day before Thanksgiving and I'm going to pick a lot of yellowfoots and some hedgehogs.  Got a bunch 2 days ago- they're coming on.  Didn't find any chantrelles yesterday, but found some nice ones today.   More good mild mushroom weather- ahead and behind.  Should be finding enough to start drying yellowfoots  in a couple of days.  Good weather to go with a good election.  Amazing, the optimism as the economy thrashes around without finding a bottom.  Well, luckily it has not hit me yet.  Things to do and mushrooms to find.  Yummy in the tummy.  Been making a sort of Persian pomogranate  soup with the mushrooms, tumeric, garlic,peppers, brown rice, lentils, cumin, thyme,coriander, onions, ragu vegetable spaghetti sauce and  green vegies.  Sure like that pomagranate-reported to be healthy.  Makes a nice drink, as well as soup.   Put some prawns in tonight's bowl.  Yummy in the tummy.  There, I said yummy in the tummy again. again

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homeyra said...

Sounds delicious.
euh...Persian pomegranate soup... Iranians around? :)
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