Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Do you like corn in your humor?

I do, but some would say that I have a corn fetish. Not much difference between corn and porn and corn does have a thing with sex, but I'm thinking of travelling and nice kind Scandinavians with a nice easy going sence of humor. That sure was a nice appology that that Danish newspaper made for those cartoons that offended some Moslems. I want to see that movie about Moslem humor. Sure got to watch what you say in parts of the Moslem world. Very dangerous place for women travellers. Texas too- we have a crazy Texan in the White House- another religious fanatic-causing all sorts of problems. Hey you religious fanatics- stop with the bombs and guns and work for peace and laughter

choclo and nice Danish ladies

The first Danish woman I travelled with was Lena, way back in 1964. We first met in Istanbul and we Xed paths a few times until we started travelling together in Damascus Syria and onward to Jordan and the Jordanian part of Jerusalem. We were both hitch-hiking and on the cheap, and the cheap part was easy because of the incredible hospitality of Palistinians. Sure is a different sence of humor there. Women in particular have to be very careful, and it is best that they travel with a male protecter, as I was for Lena (we had some tense moments). Looked at some Danish cartoons. Thought that one of the turbinned Moslem with a lit fuse pretty much the way our press treats our presidents and religious figures, including Jesus. Different sence of humor. Sure into blowing themselves and others up. I like the Danes I have met. Like their sence of humor. I also like other Scandinavians. Open, honest sences of humor. Know how to take a joke and critisism, justified or not. Don't have a chip on their shoulders and wish others well. That was a nice appology by the Danish newspaper. Going to see that movie about Moslem humor. choclo