Tuesday, August 23, 2005

choclo time

chocloMy cuzco choclo is getting it on- saw some tassles sticking up- maybe too late for the others- but will use some of the purplex pollen on the cuzco, when the silk gets out there. Been pushing bubba around in the cool of this morning. I've had Bubba for a couple or less months. He's a troy built, 4 cycle, big wheeled weed eater. The school district grounds crew calls these machines "Bubba"- an appropriate name ,I think. All this corn and stuff gets me thinking about the south and Texas and the goings on down there. And then there is that preacher who wants to see elected polititians assasinated. Does he also advocate abortions and the death penalty? Pat Robertson- he ran for president. Isn't he a friend of Jerry Falwell, the preacher who said that 9-11 was payback for our sins? Why do these folks have a following? Why were so many folks fooled by the shrub and company?? I do not understand why we went off on this wild goose chase, when we new Bin Laden was not there and that that job was not done. What I think is: Bush2 and friends really belived all that stuff they fed us- they were even dumber than those who belived them when they led us to believe that "shock and awe" would get us out quick. that gratefull Iraqis would greet us with flowers placed in our gun barrels, that "mission accomplished" meant that we could all go home and it was done on the cheap. Things sure haven't gone the way we were led to belive- and Bin Laden is still on the loose. Would have been much better to have finished with Afganistan before taking on Iraq.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

back to my corn and....

Just got back from doing a nice new deck railing at my mom's place with brother Pete. Corn is doing well-one of the crinckled purples has triplets. I like that. She's also early. Want her to have sex with several selected guys so that I can get some selected seeds from her. The Cuzco plants are very big- but have not shown any signs of sexual developement-not even any tassles yet. Fish were hungry. Glad to be back. Corn really doing its sexual thing- will be eating some soon.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


choclohi Just thought I would do a little typing. Just got back from doing a nice redwood deck railing on my mom's place. Fed the fish and got some squash from the garden. Corn doing well- but the Cuzco is still not getting sexual- not even any tassles showing. Very large , though . Got at least one shrunken mama with 3 cobs. A triplet, and early and very purple. Got to get her crossed with A GOOD VARIETY of my favorite fellows. Hey isn't sex and corn and politics and everything everyting sexual. So it seems as if the creater was obsessed with sex- so he gave us a lot of it and he said go have a good time with it' because I am making it a lot of fun and VeRy NICE! Breeding is interesting. I've been thinking. Do a lot of that and sometimes I lose my thread, as I have done now. Think I will see if I can have the late Cuzco get polinated with several nice purple guys. You know what?? I prefer talking about sex- much better than talking about politics- thinking the Isreali's should have siomply shut the border and let the Palistinians evict the Fundamentalist settler GazA Isreali problem folk. The same type live in One of my cousin-in-law's communities. He is jewish and hates them. They breed like crazy and use a lot of welfare. In Isreal, they do not go in the military- yet they unilaterally went in the 1967 conquered territories and built homes and took Palistinian land and water. I remember in 1964, I was hitch- hiking from the old city of Jordanian Jeruselem to Aqaba, Anbd we got a ride with 2 Arqab brothers from the Jordanian valley, on the western side. They were airline pilots. They had an orchord with some wonderful pomellos (sp?)- the first that I had ever seen or eaten. WOW!!! They were delicious!!! Got some in Thailand last year- and some from China some years ago, and although nice- they did not compare with those that those arab pilots picked for us from their land. I wonder how they are doing now in the West Bank? One of those Isrealis on the bus to Sucre tolds me they wou8ld be happy under the current Isreali rule. I think he must have been joking- although he did not seem to be and I thought him intelligent.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Mas choclo

My corn's doing well. Seeing some silk now-some tassles have been out for awhile- seems the male is out there 1st-more pollens than silks-just like us- more sperms than eggs. My Cuzco plants aren't showing any sex yet-but they are big and healthy. Much rather talk about sex than politics. All the corn in politics is depressing. Bush is again hiding from the folks- Won't talk to those mothers camping down his road. Only associates with his type of folk. They sure are making a mess for us. How secure do you feel about your health insurance? Think the shrub has plan to fix our health care system? I'm turning 65 in October and will qualify for medicare. Looking to maybe move to another country- get a better deal on health care. Been getting my dental work abroad for years- like Thailand best. Got a medical check-up in Buenos Aires, Argentina this winter. Much cheaper and just as good- more personal. More outsourcing. Got to out those republicans. They're not on our side. Want to teach our kids that evolution didn't and doesn't happen. What's that? We humans breed all sorts of stuff.! Don't want to tell kids that condoms help prevent disease and pregnancy. Pope is a big problem there. Wonder what the Koran says about condoms or birth control? Hey- I came back around to sex. I'll try to drop the politics. Religion should stay out of sex, as it should stay away from politics, and vice versa. did not Jesus say: "Ye who is innocent, throw the first stone". Fundamentalists tend to forget such good advice- want to look at the other guy, rather than working on themselves.