Saturday, February 21, 2009

Simple single payer health care for all

Yep,  get rid of the insurance company  leaches and all of that paperwork that is designed to figure out a way to deny people  care (cost)
 and make a profit.  Eliminate the leading cause of bankruptcies  in the US and a major cost for each US union made car.  Just like free education,  free health care should be a right as it is in most of the  other rich countries.   I also like having nice roads and such.  Some things are best done by government.  Single payer universal health care is what we need/deserve.  It is cheaper and more effective.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

corn and shit

Yes, corn likes shit, and choclo means corn in South America.  Time to start thinking about shit and feeding  this year's corn patch.  In years past, I've been feeding mine mostly chicken shit.  Bird shit is very good since birds both shit and piss from one hole and piss is high in nitrogen and often lost from those critters with two places to get rid of their waste - they often piss on the ground, as I like to do- food for other critters.  I like to spread it around or piss on my compost pile if I'm close by.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Been some cold weather

Yep, staying home this winter and building my shop and looking for mushrooms and looking for the sun.  Baba Bob is off to Guatemala to meet his daughters and Gypsie  just wrote from Pai that our beautiful guest house had modernised, including tv in rooms.  Thailand now only gives 15 day visas on second re-entry instead of the 30 day former practice.  Hmm.  Best move on.  She is now on her way to her home by the  flea market in Goa.  Good shopping Gypsie.