Monday, May 16, 2005

Daughter's wedding and choclo. Beautiful!

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choclosteve said...

Choclo. The largest corn kernals come from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia,although the lowland coastal types of choclo are also large. Seems the rows of kernals grow in multiples of 2; i.e. 8,1o,12,14,16 longiatudanal rows. More rows in North American corns, but smaller kernals. Reds seem to be favorites for chicha both north and south. Some sowthwest indians always planted mixed coulors, thus insuring lots of crossing. I do the same. Interesting hibrids I do. In all of the indian strains I have grown the kernals do not wrinkle when they dry, while all of the modern super sweet hibreds do, so it is easy to tell when kernels of my indian corn are pollinated with the super sweet type. I like most of the corn I grow. Another rainy day unsuitable for getting chicken shit or tilling the garden