Tuesday, August 29, 2006


chocloAnother morning done and the sun is out again. Caught and ate a 15" er and a 16" er last night and shared them with Venis, Christian and Kelsa. Zapped them for 7 munites covered with chard leaves and with some basil and garlic in their bellies. Skinned and deboned them and squeezed a lime on them. Yummy in the tummy. Made some pesto this morning. Splurged on some pine nuts at $15.00 / lb. More yummy in the tummy. You could say that again- I just did. Started drying some bright red skinny cayane peppers for the winter- I simply leave them on the window sill. Later I will have things drying over the wood stove. Going to be a lot of apples to process- I think to dry. I love to operate that green machine that you clamp onto a table and when you turn the crank it cores, peels and cuts into one long thin spiral, the apple that has been speared onto the prongs that both hold and spin the apple as it is preeped for drying or made into luscious apple pies that are in the same league as blackberry pies. Yummy in the tummy. I'm going to go do something with my pesto and my stomach. This morning I drove the 7 miles into town to get some parmesan cheese for my pesto. Also got another sack of trout feed with larger pellets (1/4"). I expect the fish to like these larger pellets. Yep, they do. Groing things has gotten me thinking about chicken shit and chicken hauks in the white house- incompetents. Fundamentalists. Hamadayad of Iran wants to debate the Shrub- the guy who doesnot think the Holocaust happened- two (2) FUNDAMENTALIST idiots competing for top idiotude. But they do not have to do a debate- we all ready know that they are competing for the bottom possition of fundamentally most dangerous to world peace

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