Monday, December 25, 2006

Gramps having fun with Felix's trucks


neda said...

That game you just mentiones must be fun :) and more than that living in a big family.

Neda- above the wall

neda said...

I found this video about rummy and saddam but I dont know if it was during the war, I guess it's a little before that.

neda said...
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neda said...

sorry, here it is; the video is for 23 year ago. so yes, it was.

iran iraq war started at 1980 and took 8 years when in 1988 at last Khomeini as he said himself "drank the poison" and signed the caesfire.

neda said...

Hi Choclo.. how are you?
some times I clik here to see a new post from you or a picture or something.

cheers and be good.

above the wall

Faramin said...

Great to see the kind face behind the nice comments exchanged at Neda's.



SERENDIP said...

What a Cute boy. My nephew's middle name is felix but he lives in Denmark.