Tuesday, August 23, 2005

choclo time

chocloMy cuzco choclo is getting it on- saw some tassles sticking up- maybe too late for the others- but will use some of the purplex pollen on the cuzco, when the silk gets out there. Been pushing bubba around in the cool of this morning. I've had Bubba for a couple or less months. He's a troy built, 4 cycle, big wheeled weed eater. The school district grounds crew calls these machines "Bubba"- an appropriate name ,I think. All this corn and stuff gets me thinking about the south and Texas and the goings on down there. And then there is that preacher who wants to see elected polititians assasinated. Does he also advocate abortions and the death penalty? Pat Robertson- he ran for president. Isn't he a friend of Jerry Falwell, the preacher who said that 9-11 was payback for our sins? Why do these folks have a following? Why were so many folks fooled by the shrub and company?? I do not understand why we went off on this wild goose chase, when we new Bin Laden was not there and that that job was not done. What I think is: Bush2 and friends really belived all that stuff they fed us- they were even dumber than those who belived them when they led us to believe that "shock and awe" would get us out quick. that gratefull Iraqis would greet us with flowers placed in our gun barrels, that "mission accomplished" meant that we could all go home and it was done on the cheap. Things sure haven't gone the way we were led to belive- and Bin Laden is still on the loose. Would have been much better to have finished with Afganistan before taking on Iraq.


choclosteve said...

There we go again- more sex and corn. Heard a group at the fair singing "we need more sex in the white house" Sounded good to me. Would rather have my president getting a blow job from a willing young lady than have him acting stupid like the Shrub and friends do. Wasn't very smart going into Iraq with a lame excuse that proved wrong. How about fixing our failing health care? How many decades will it take to pay off the national debt the shrubs have run up? All of it is theirs- Clinton left US with a balanced budget- the first one this old guy has been alive for. Much rather have sex in the white house. Is much cheaper- and kills fewer people.

Soumyadip said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

The saddest fact of democracy is that if fools are in a mojority, a fool will get to rule. And we all pay the price.

Paul Skogstrom said...

Here's the deal. Initially, when we went into Iraq we called it "Operation Iraqi Liberation" look at that phrase for a while. Do you see it yet? "OIL" look it up. It's a fact. What a bunch of Smarmy little bastards they are.

Rent this DVD "Bush Family Fortunes" by Greg Palast. He pretty much fills in all of the gaps. He has the documents and actual interviews with the likes of Grover Norquist and Katherine Harris's personal assistant.

I watched it and by the end I was so mad, I actually could not sit down.

ps I never new corn was such a racy subject.