Saturday, August 20, 2005


choclohi Just thought I would do a little typing. Just got back from doing a nice redwood deck railing on my mom's place. Fed the fish and got some squash from the garden. Corn doing well- but the Cuzco is still not getting sexual- not even any tassles showing. Very large , though . Got at least one shrunken mama with 3 cobs. A triplet, and early and very purple. Got to get her crossed with A GOOD VARIETY of my favorite fellows. Hey isn't sex and corn and politics and everything everyting sexual. So it seems as if the creater was obsessed with sex- so he gave us a lot of it and he said go have a good time with it' because I am making it a lot of fun and VeRy NICE! Breeding is interesting. I've been thinking. Do a lot of that and sometimes I lose my thread, as I have done now. Think I will see if I can have the late Cuzco get polinated with several nice purple guys. You know what?? I prefer talking about sex- much better than talking about politics- thinking the Isreali's should have siomply shut the border and let the Palistinians evict the Fundamentalist settler GazA Isreali problem folk. The same type live in One of my cousin-in-law's communities. He is jewish and hates them. They breed like crazy and use a lot of welfare. In Isreal, they do not go in the military- yet they unilaterally went in the 1967 conquered territories and built homes and took Palistinian land and water. I remember in 1964, I was hitch- hiking from the old city of Jordanian Jeruselem to Aqaba, Anbd we got a ride with 2 Arqab brothers from the Jordanian valley, on the western side. They were airline pilots. They had an orchord with some wonderful pomellos (sp?)- the first that I had ever seen or eaten. WOW!!! They were delicious!!! Got some in Thailand last year- and some from China some years ago, and although nice- they did not compare with those that those arab pilots picked for us from their land. I wonder how they are doing now in the West Bank? One of those Isrealis on the bus to Sucre tolds me they wou8ld be happy under the current Isreali rule. I think he must have been joking- although he did not seem to be and I thought him intelligent.

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