Monday, September 26, 2005


I want to practice my spanish with Felix. El es un Porte~o. Do a google search for failure. I think it is all Bush2's fault; how about you? What's his fault you might ask? Well, too darn much. He's not on my side- wants to teach our children intelligent design-doesn't sound like good up to date science to me. No to stem cell research- even Nancy Reagon thouhgt that was wrong headed. Divide and conquer. Get your enemy to fight on two fronts. Osama laughed from his cave while Bush2 took US off on a wild goose chase for WMD's and nuclear bomb factories and Osama's sworn enemy Sadam. Osama is still allive somewhere other than Iraq. "Mission Occomplished", WMD's, Is this country more polarized under Bush2? How much is your health care costing? Have you ever been without insurance? I have. Whew-I made it to medicare and bought some medigap insurance. Talk about donut holes. I pay for it out of my ss More folks without health insurance under the shrub. Just like in Iraq-he has no plan- just more of the same. Still holding in there while selling our debt to China for tax breaks for the rich. Do you think he will keep his promise to cut the budget deficit in half by the time he leaves office?? I learned about the tooth fairy decades ago. Remember "read my lips, no new taxes". Who was that liar? I've been asking lately: How many political pardons and immunities from prosecution have been granted by republican presidents compared to democratic presidents from say, 1970 till now? I think the shrub has working for him one of those guys who was convicted of lying to congress about some of Ollie North's illegal Contra activities. Ollie was also given a pardon for his illegal Contra activities under Reagon.

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