Monday, September 19, 2005

I don't like the corn coming from the Bushits

I like to grow and eat and play with corn- but I don't like the corn coming out of the white house. For me-corn is for fun, but I am also a tree farmer. I bought my tree farm 30 years ago after it had been clear cut and I planted 20,000 douglas firs on it, and I now have a forest. Early on I had to do battle with bushes and shrubs that wanted to choke out the young trees, and I still do. I use a chainsaw. Most of the timber companies hereabouts use chemicals they spray from helicopters, which I believe is bad for the environment. I don't think either chainsaws or chemicals would work against the political bushes and shrubs- for them, we need to use the ballot box to get rid of them and their supporters and replace them with trees before they can do any more damage to US. US should not settle for anymore shrubs or bushes-US needs big, strong trees for a strong, healthy US. Out here in Oregon, douglas fir do well, and red cedars produce good wood. I also have a few redwoods, both the coastal type and the sequoyas, although neither redwood is native to here. Lots different trees. I also have some fruit and nut trees, which are nice. But shrubs and bushes- we have to keep them from taking over-particularly when it comes to politics, where they are presently a disaster for US.

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