Friday, September 23, 2005

some choclo cobs

Yep- they're on their way-a bit later than my acclimatized. Sure are big plants. Been dangling male tassles from my strains over the silks to get Xs. Anxious to see them mature so that I can look at them. They are all covered up like a muslim woman is in her burka . Anxious to strip the cobs bare. Been getting some beautiful purples and multi coulored off of my strains. Been eating some delicious sweet and pretty Xs. Need to poste some more pictures. Pictures are nice, and there are some hidden around my blog. Another hurricane headed in. Bush2 has not been doing too well with the huricanes. Want's to spend a lot of money and borrow it from the Chinese. They are making everything we buy -so now they are going to lend US the money to pay for our two wars (divide and conquer), our two natural disasters, and Bush2's two tax cuts for the rich. They are talking about taking away the prescrition drug benefit that Bush2 was bragging about at that senior center in Arizona while " you're doing a heck of a job Brownie" was doing his heck of a job. I'm with that group of singers at the faire who wanted more "Sex in the White House". At least Clinton left US with a balanced budget. That was a surprise- I never thought I would see a federal balanced budget- thought it was a republican fantasy-still is-strange world. Bush 2 says he will cut national debt in half before he leaves office. Do you still believe in the tooth fairey? I remember "mission occomplished" and Bush1's read my lips. How about Rummy ridiculling critics who said we needed more troops and a plan. Shock and awe would get US out quick and cheaply- remote controlled high tech meant we would not need the troups. Gratefull Iraqis would be welcoming the troops with flowers. Give me more sex- it's cheaper and more friendly

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