Thursday, September 29, 2005

choclo's haircuts and shaves and dentists

Welll, I thought I ought to mention that I got a shave and a haircut and massages the winter before while in Bangkok, Thailand. My second day in Bangkok I got the nicest haircut of my life. First she laid me back and gave me a shampoo, then she cut my hair, and then she moved me to another chair and gave me a wonderful head massage. I got a shave towards the end of my trip, and it also included a head massage. I also like my Bangkok dentist-she is excellent. She uses the Cerac computerized porcelan milling system from Germany and was trained in US and on the Cerac in Switzerland. Got some good dental work done in Argentina this winter, but was slower sending out for lab work- ended up spending a couple of extra weeks in Buenos Aires visiting my dentist there. Need to go back to Thailand this winter and get another haircut and visit my dentist. Do you think I should get a shave 2? We sure have been getting into outsoursing. Been talking to India a lot lately ( have been talking to computer techs recently- changed service providers). Want to visit India this winter also. How much will I get done? Sure am glad to see some nice seed corn this year. The glass is still half full and the corn is beautiful!

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Roshani said...

Aloha Steve--

I just wanted you to know that I am a Libra too, born in the year of the horse. I also love to travel and have been to India several times, to Thailand, Japan, Peru and elsewhere. I also lived in Oregon until I sold my house this year, in Falls City, about half way between Salem and Lincoln City. My son lives in a group home in Keizer, OR. I would also love to see the last of Bush and have enjoyed all of Douglas Adams' books on tape, especially the Hitch Hikers' Guide. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I had visited your blog. I look forward to your question answers on eharmony.